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Black Widows - FORMAT

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When your mid-life crisis is pure murder, life will never be the same again.

Three couples spend a weekend at a summer villa by the sea. As the husbands head off for a fishing trip, the wives wave goodbye. As the boat accelerates, and as it heads away from the shore it suddenly explodes. The three women witness the horrific scene. Within a matter of seconds, their husbands have gone… Just as they planned. 

Veera, Johanna and Kirsi are three best friends in their 30s who have been extremely unhappy for years. The reason? Their husbands. 

At the end of their tethers, they make a life-changing decision – they must get rid of their husbands once and for all. When the deed is done… it is time for the women to start anew. But things are never that straightforward. Are they?

Programme Information

  • Genre: Formats

  • Subgenre: Drama

  • Producers: Moskito Television

  • Broadcaster: Nelonen

  • Duration: 24 x 60'

  • Tags: Widows Murder Husbands Wives

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