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Mammon wins International Emmy

As the rights holder to the format Mammon we would like to congratulate our friends at NRK who won the International Emmy for Best Drama for the second season of the Norweigan detective series.

Having sold the format to HBO Europe who have had huge success with the remakes of the show both in Czech Republic (Mamon) and two series in Poland (Pakt).


More about Mammon

Some ties are stronger than others

Mammon is a thriller series in the spirit of “All The President’s Men”. In this story not all journalists are good and the hunt for truthis far more personal. Peter Verås is an uncompromising journalist in the most respected newspaper in Norway. He makes his life’s biggest mistake when he gets hold of evidence of a financial fraud from an anonymous source. It turns out the evidence points to his own brother.

While in pursuit of the source the story breaks and his brother commits suicide. Peter tries to track down the anonymous source, only to discover that it was his brother himself. A search for the truth has commenced that involves media, high–ranked politicians as well as the financial elite. The closer he gets to the truth, the more dangerous it becomes for him and his brother’s family.

An exciting thriller series about press and power that is first and foremost a personal story about the loss of a brother.