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We have strengthened our relationship with Australia’s WildBear Entertainment by acquiring six new titles from the highly-regarded factual producer.

 The programmes, which we will be officially launching at MIPCOM this year, are a broad mix of wildlife and history topics, and include a fourth series in the best-selling Baby Animals strand.

 Baby Animals and Friends (10 x 60) takes a wide range of cute baby animals from around the world and follows their lives and behaviour through the changing seasons. With a special emphasis on exploring how baby animals in extreme heat and cold live their lives, this new series features stunning footage and humorous, fact-based narration.

 In the Wild: Horses (2 x 60) and In the Wild: Return of the Dingo (1 x 60) are incredible programmes about two of Australia’s most iconic – but much maligned and misunderstood animals – the wild horse and the dingo. Each title tells their respective stories through new discoveries about their roles and seeks to redress widespread misconceptions by exploring how these unique species have become a valuable part of the Australian landscape and imagination.

 Impossible Peace (8 x 60) is a fascinating new history series with a world view, investigating what went so wrong after the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 that a second world war broke out only 20 years later. In an era of everyone from Hitler and Mao, to Al Capone and Cole Porter, the series follows the dynamics of power, personality and politics on every continent – not just Europe - noticing how the tensions, rivalries and jealousies that were in play made war, on a global scale, not only possible but also inevitable.

 Battles Won and Lost (8 x 60) is a contemporary take on the pivotal moments that shaped the deadliest conflict in history. Using compelling archive footage from WW2, eyewitness testimony and experts including historians and military leaders – all against the backdrop of a stunning War Room setting – the series look at strategies and outcomes from major battles such as Pearl Harbour, to lesser known events such as the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

 Power (8 x 60), produced for Discovery Italy and AB Droits Audiovisuels in France, is a series about engineering, featuring stories of innovation, exploration and confrontation. It reveals how major technological developments at sea, on land, by rail and in the air have influenced everything from society and travel to trade and warfare, changing the course of history and defining the direction of our technological future.