The River
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To get rid of your demons you have to journey up the river and give in to the heart of darkness.  

In the small village of Djupelv, the winters are cold, long, and dark. Everyone knows who everyone is, and where they come from. The Russian border runs right behind the mountains. During one of NATO’S winter exercises a body of a young boy is discovered in the river by a local Sami girl.

Thomas Lønnhøiden the local police officer starts investigating despite strong warnings from his superiors. But then, the Sami girl disappears. She is found murdered, by Mia Holt, a female officer, during the exercise.

Mia and Thomas continue together in their search for the truth, and forces the locals to look at their small community in a new light. Why are the authorities passive? Why are the locals protective of the past? And what is hidden up there in the mountains?

The River is built on actual events from the area bordering Russia, in northern Scandinavia. This is the story of the outsider, who slowly, but surely understands that the small community is entangled in a web of lies, that the elders hide cruel secrets, and that a small group of locals are willing to do anything to prevent the truth from coming out. It is a journey up the river and into the wilderness where the rules are different, and time seems to have stopped. Thomas realizes, almost too late, that his family tragedy is the key to the mystery.

8 x 60'
Arctic Wonder
Production Year