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Technological advances allow cold cases to be re-opened and put crimes beyond reasonable doubt

Guiltology is a brand new type of crime series that takes viewers deeper inside the world of forensic investigation than ever before. Every episode features one compelling true-crime case that is ultimately solved by a leap forward in forensic science or technology. Driven by powerful first-person storytelling, the lead detective of each case takes us through every step of the most enduring investigations of their careers, turning viewers into armchair forensic sleuths as they relive the detectives’ journey alongside them. Our detectives are men and women who go above and beyond the call of duty, often sacrificing their own lives in the pursuit of justice. Their compelling and stylishly shot account is elevated by filmic dramatic elements. A supporting cast of world-class scientists contextualizes the incredible history of each scientific advance, helping us understand the key facts about the forensic evidence and explaining how technology is changing the face of crime fighting. Along the way we hear how new developments caught America’s most prolific serial killer and how a cold case was re-opened when DNA testing showed a killer to be a woman – and not a man, as had been suspected. With its high-end production values and engrossing stories, Guiltology will captivate viewers by combining passionate detective stories with a whole new layer of complexity: a depth of information that gives modern audiences the puzzle-solving involvement, granular immersion and ticking clock suspense that hooked millions to Serial, The Jinx, and Making a Murderer.


6 x 60'
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