Music Of The Northern Lights
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Sound and vision combine in a stunning and original production

For thousands of years the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, has thrilled onlookers and held them spellbound under the Arctic skies. These magic lights create unparalleled, stunning, dramatic and fairy-tale images in the night sky and engender a sense of wonder for the powers of the universe amongst those lucky enough to see them first-hand. Today, they attract people from all over the world to see, to experience, to enjoy and to be fascinated. Nothing is more beautiful than nature wielding its paintbrush and inviting us to savour its work. Last year, during the black nights of the season of darkness, in the county of Troms in Northern Norway - where the Northern Lights are typically at their brightest and most spectacular - experienced Northern Light photographers used new technology to collect the most spectacular images of this natural phenomenon in recent times. This powerful, yet serene new programme pulls these stunning images together, accompanied by the Norwegian Broadcasting Radio Orchestra performing specially selected classical works, in order to create a deeper experience of this ancient, and yet most modern of natural spectaculars. There’s nothing left to do other than sit back, watch and listen. It’s arguably one of the most stunning and relaxing hours of TV available. 

1 x 60'
Factual Entertainment
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