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The hunt for a serial killer at the northernmost edge of the world

Set in a dark, brooding landscape this stylish new thriller about an investigation spinning out of control exemplifies the very best of Scandi Noir. A shocking murder is committed in the furthermost reaches of Northern Norway. Local policewoman Hedde Gilbert is assigned to the case, along with police hotshot Joel Dreyer, but their different personalities and methods immediately set them against each other. Their relationship is put to the test when another victim is found and they suspect a brutal serial killer is at work. When a number of skeletons - most of them several hundred years old - are found buried at the scene of the crime, the nightmare deepens and the police investigation quickly begins to spiral out of control. Dreyer accidentally shoots and kills an innocent girl during a hunt for the killer and covers up his involvement, while Gilbert struggles to conceal a debilitating illness that threatens to ruin not only the case, but also her career. With the investigation falling apart, both detectives resort to questionable moves in order to stay on the case and protect their secrets. But these murders are only the tip of the iceberg; the hunt for the killer takes the detectives into a dark, closed-off, physical world and also into their darker emotional selves. Caught up in the very heart of evil they have to fight themselves in order not to become the monster they are pursuing.

7 x 60'
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