Tracey Ullman's Show
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Tracey Ullman’s big return


The UK is a melting pot of characters and cultures. Each episode of ‘Tracey Ullman's Show’ follows some of those characters, sometimes through their day, sometimes for a single moment. The series features warm and entertaining characters that

are observational and recognizable. Truthful with a dose of eccentricity. Tracey’s unique talents and extraordinary versatility cover the full gamut from everyday people to superstars.

Each episode will have what is essentially an ‘A’ plot
- its own narrative sketch in a number of parts that follows a characters misadventures across a day. This story will form the spine of the episode. The bread and butter of the show are the fantastic returning characters who reflect the modern world in all its guises. The series feels like it goes everywhere and addresses everything and all kinds of people. Funny, bold, recognizable characters. Another key ingredient of the show will be impressions. We see famous faces going about their daily lives, off duty rather than with their public face on.

In short, Tracey Ullman's Show is a multiple character broken comedy show that shows off Tracey’s talents to the full, as a one woman comedy dynamo. 

6 x 30'
Sketch show
Production Year

Tracey Ullman Series 1, premiered on BBC One on the 11th January 2016. It won its slot, pulling in 2.9 million viewers!