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Chelmsford 123 - Season 2


Set against the backdrop of the Roman occupation of Ancient Britain, Chelmsford 123 is the creation of writing/performing team Jimmy Mulville and Rory McGrath.

An original, off-beat sitcom, it focuses on the problems of sophisticated Roman governor Aulus Paulinus who is banished from Rome to rough it in Britain.There he meets his nemesis, the villainous Badvoc, the world’s hairiest Celt and leader of the vanquished Britons. The series follows the blossoming intrigue between the two men and their followers. The unusual setting of Ancient Britain allows a freshness to the comedy that belies the historical accuracy of the production.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Subgenre: Sketch show


  • Broadcaster: n/a

  • Duration: 7 x 26'

  • Tags: Comedy Sketch

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