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Oceans Apart: Art and the Pacific

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A bold charting of the culture clash that changed art, and the world, forever

Captain Cook’s voyages to the Pacific 250 years ago set Oceanic and Western culture on a dramatic collision course,
changing the map and the fate of the world forever. This intriguing series uses art to tell the fascinating, brutal and
largely untold story of what happened next. Fresh and thought provoking, it explores difficult issues around identity, appropriation and exploitation, and critically examines the powerful tribal art Cook encountered - and the European art
it inspired. Viewing Oceanic art through this lens of ‘cultural exchange’ provides a unique new take, one that crosses 250
years and brings us right up to date. We’ll see contemporary artists at work, visit stunning locations and hear challenging
ideas from all manner of original and controversial voices – all combining to shed new light on the incredible art and unfamiliar art history of this region.

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