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Martin Clunes' Islands of America


A surprising look at another side of the US

Martin Clunes is setting off on an epic 10,000-mile journey from east to west to explore the vast swathe of islands scattered beyond America’s shores. There are more than 18,000 islands with registered names, plus thousands more too small to label. Each has its own character and its own unique story to tell, and offers a new way of examining a country we know so well. Martin spends time in Hawaii, looking beyond the sun-kissed beaches to examine the havoc wreaked by advancing lava fields and then it’s onto Alaska with its dense forests and snow-tinged glaciers, where he goes on a pilgrimage with a Russian Orthodox priest. He also visits incredible islands off Seattle and Los Angeles, theGulf of Mexico and the playgrounds of presidents along the eastern seaboard. Absorbing, gloriously filmed and with Martin as host, always entertaining.

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