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The Cops - Season 3

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The Bodycam Squad makes a welcome return in a brand new series filmed with Nottinghamshire Police’s frontline cops. With the help of the Police’s own high quality body-worn video cameras - the new ‘eyes’ of the law - we witness, first hand, crime being tackled and offenders being brought to justice.

The crack officers of Nottinghamshire face an onslaught of high risk and demanding situations on a daily basis, every moment of which, is captured on their bodycams providing the best possible evidence to help nail people who break the law. The footage also provides an invaluable safety net for the cops giving complete transparency to their actions  – any accusations of unfair treatment by a suspect can quickly be tested by what’s been caught on camera.

This new series highlights the shear diversity of incidents the bodycam cops have to deal with. We follow them, from a fresh, close-up perspective, as they hunt for a man who has poured petrol inside his family’s home and threatened to set it on fire, tackle a crazed axeman who’s smashed a hole in his next door neighbour’s front door and rescue a young woman that they discover near to death in freezing weather conditions in the garden of an abandoned house.

But the Bodycam Squad is about more than just law enforcement. Away from the frontline, we discover what makes these cops tick, how they deal with the traumatic events they often have to face, how much they rely on each other and also explore their camaraderie: qualities which make them such a formidable force!  

Programme Information

  • Genre: Crime

  • Subgenre: Factual

  • Broadcaster: UKTV (UK)

  • Duration: 16 x 60'

  • Tags: cops

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