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Manson's Bloodline

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Notorious cult leader and murderer Charles Manson casts a long shadow – and no one knows this better than his grandson, Jason Freeman. Now, in this extraordinary documentary series, Jason is speaking out about growing up under the ‘family curse’ and the profound impact it has had upon his life. Cameras follow Jason for 16 months as he attempts to come to terms with his bloodline and put his life on a track that doesn’t end up replicating the sins of his father, who committed suicide – or grandfather. With incredible access we hear previously unheard calls that Manson made to Jason from prison, and follow him as he tries to meet his grandfather for the first time. Constant twists and turns in this gripping story mean they never meet while Manson is alive. When he dies, Jason has to fight other claimants for Manson’s body. After a lengthy court case he finally gets to ‘meet’ Manson and our cameras were there, in the funeral home, capturing this emotional and highly charged moment. Exclusive footage and unprecedented access combines to produce a truly riveting series, delivering a whole new perspective on one of the world’s most infamous killers and the legacy he leaves his family.

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