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Family Expedition - FORMAT


Will families better connect in the great outdoors?

This new competition-driven reality format sees three very different families, from different backgrounds, leave their home comforts and routines behind them and head for the great outdoors for an entire month – minus mobiles and wi-fi. Each family comprises two parents and two children aged 10-16-years-old, and they pack their backpacks and set of an adventure to master the great outdoors, learn trekking skills and become better acquainted with themselves and each other. The families face a new ‘expedition’, with separate challenges, in each episode - everything from cooking a self-foraged meal to horseback riding. In the final episode a series of questions and practical tests, drawn from across the series, will see one of the families win a prize, such as a luxury holiday. The families will master things they never thought they could learn – or even dare to do - and the cameras will be with them as they hopefully come closer together and discover new sides to their fellow family members. Which family will best reconnect with nature – and each other?

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