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Les Innocents - Season 1


A spellbinding remake of the original title Eyewitness, Les Innocents is a dark and icy thriller which follows the story of two teenagers; Yann (Jules Houplain) and Lucas (Victor Muetelet).

Meeting one night in secret at a remote sand quarry, the young men find themselves attracted to each other, but their illicit encounter is dramatically interrupted by the arrival of a car containing four men. From the safety of their hiding place, the boys witness a fifth man escape from captivity in the boot of the car and gun down his captors. When the killer discovers he has been watched, the boys manage to evade him, taking the murder weapon with them.

Terrified for their lives and the consequences of someone finding out about their relationship, they form a pact and vow never to reveal what they have seen. But with the murderer on the loose, how long will they be able to hide what they’ve witnessed? 

Directed by Frederic Berthe and adapted by Didier Le Pecheur and Delphine Labouret.

Starring: Odile Vuillemin (Profilage, L'emprise, Love Is In The Air), Tomer Sisley (The Heir, We're the Millers, Sleepless Night) Stéphan Guérin-Tillié (Just a Question of Love, Edy) Barbara Cabrita (The Connection, The Gilded Cage) and Olivier Marchal (Tell No One)

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