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Dead Lucky

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Chance can be a crime

Dead Lucky is a four-part character driven crime thriller about two very different detectives who are thrown together to solve a murder…if they don’t murder each other first. This fast paced crime thriller is told from multiple perspectives. Grace Gibbs (Rachel Griffiths) is obsessed with catching the armed robber who murdered her junior officer. Charlie Fung (Yoson An), her new trainee, blames Grace for the death of his best friend. Meanwhile, a share house of international students thinks that they have found paradise. A couple of greedy convenience store owners resort to deadly measures to defend their business. While on the outskirts of the city, a violent fugitive is hiding. Over one week, the paths of these characters collide, leaving two people dead and one missing…

Programme Information

  • Genre: Drama

  • Subgenre: Crime

  • Producers: Subtext Pictures

  • Broadcaster: SBS Australia

  • Duration: 4 x 60'

  • Tags: Detective Crime Thriller

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