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A celebrity-packed surprise talk show, hosted and produced in an ordinary house with ordinary people. What’s more, the hosts don’t know you’re coming before you ring the doorbell.

The show is a positive, uplifting experience for the families, the stars and the viewers. Big Night In is a family-orientated show, with broad appeal. It hunts for big emotions and will make you smile, laugh and cry. What happens when you let the 15-year-old daughter of the house meet her biggest idol in her own home? How will Dad react when he suddenly gets to meet his favorite artist, and she performs live in his chair? What does Mum’s face look like when she finally sees her son again, after he’s been away on a long stint of military service? This is a great opportunity to give something back to your viewers, and at the same time get a sneak peek into different people’s homes around the country. Mixing ordinary people with stars opens the way for conversations you have never heard before – and creates moments you have never seen.

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