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Hella's Garden


Hella Joof is a well-known and very likable celebrity in Denmark. She has very recently moved out of the city to a small farm in the countryside. Her dream is to have a garden in full bloom and to grow her own food, and she would love to build an Orangerie both for plants to grow and conversations to be held.

In this lifestyle series we follow her first summer on the countryside as she gets help from her celebrity friends to set up the Orangerie and to work in the garden. The long line is the process of bringing life to the garden, and at the same time this is a talk show where we get to see celebrities in a new way, see their new sides and learn more about them than in an ordinary talk show.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Factual

  • Subgenre: Lifestyle

  • Producers: Strong

  • Broadcaster: TV2 Denmark A/S

  • Duration: 6 x 30' Seasons 1 & 2
    12 x 30' Total

  • Tags: Farm Countryside Talk Show Celebrities

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