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The Year that makes you and breaks you

At the start of 2016, an unprecedented television experiment was launched. Having scoured the country, we gave cameras to a diverse group of 14 teenagers to film the most dramatic year of their lives – Year 12. The resulting ‘vlogumentary’ series, My Year 12 Life, is packed with emotional hilarity, heartbreak and suspense. They are told they need high final exam scores to achieve successful lives - what will their numbers be? What will they go through to achieve these results? Pioneering a new form of storytelling, there were no film crews, no producers on the ground, just 14 teenagers self-documenting their stories straight to camera in their own way. The resulting footage captures the raw drama of their final year of school, gives rare unrestricted access to the world of teenagers and what the future looks like at 18. Inspired by the increase in stress and anxiety among teenagers, this series aims to create a conversation about how well the education system prepares young people to enter further studies or the workforce. In each episode the students talk about the issues they’re facing, including the pressure of the impending exams – how they feel this will define their future; parental, cultural and school pressures; relationships; body image; stress and anxiety; and school and social life balance. The vlog diaries give the students an avenue to vent about these issues – their candid, humorous, and sometimes heartbreaking confessions will hit a nerve with all viewers.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Formats

  • Subgenre: Factual


  • Broadcaster: ABC Me (Australia)

  • Duration: 24 x 30'

  • Tags: Factual Teenagers

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