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A brand new way to look for love online

Today’s young people have more ways of finding potential partners than their parents ever did. However, despite online dating and extensive social media networks, why are so many single and complaining that they can’t find anyone? More Than Friends is a new relationship format that is more up to date and real than anything we’ve seen before. It works on the premise that lovers need to be friends and sets out to encourage people to find a partner from within their existing network. Every episode features one new singleton that spends a lot of time online and using Big Data algorithms to mine their connections, they are challenged to date three people they already know. This could be someone who shares a huge amount of ‘likes’ with them, or someone from their past. Friends and family also get in on the act, taking over social media accounts and picking people for them to date. After a two-week experiment and three dates, the singleton will reveal the results and decide who they want to continue dating.

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