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The Celebrity Restaurant


One Restaurant. Four Celebrities. One Winner.

This entertaining new celebrity challenge format sees four celebrities leaving their normal lives behind them and stepping into the kitchen of a busy real-life restaurant. Over the course of a week the celebrities will each take charge of the same restaurant for one day only and will be tasked with giving it a personal makeover, with a new name, different décor and a custom-designed menu. Each day the other three celebrities will have roles as chef, waiter and even dish boy. All the guests at the restaurant are real and they pay a fixed amount of money each night. However, they will be encouraged to tip extra based on the restaurant concept, quality of the food and the service. At the end of each week the celebrity that has earned the most cash for their restaurant concept is declared the winner and the cash is donated to a charity of their choice. A funny reality show with famous faces operating outside their comfort zones: will it deliver delicious dining experiences or complete kitchen chaos?

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