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Celebrities are challenged to solve a fictional murder that feels all too real

This unique high concept, primetime entertainment format takes celebrities out of their comfort zones to solve a murder. Developed by a crime writer, it combines high-end drama with reality and a competition to deliver a new type of crime investigation show. Nine celebrities move to a remote village in Sweden. Each week, viewers at home get to learn about the murder through dramatic scenes that the celebrities never see. Instead, the stars have to piece together clues arising from a series of challenges. One of the nine though is sitting on a pot of cash and has been secretly designated a saboteur, with a mission to throw everybody off the trail and try and keep the cash. At the end of every episode the celebrities file a report on what they have found out and the one furthest from the truth each week gets eliminated. In the final, will the remaining celebrities crack the case, expose the saboteur and reveal the murderer – or does the saboteur run away with the money and derail the investigation?

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