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Flying High with Arthur Williams


Going above and beyond to explore Britain’s airfields

In this fascinating series, Arthur Williams (D-Day As It Happened), a former Royal Marine turned pilot, takes to the skies
to explore the incredible network of airfields etched into the British landscape, spending time with the communities and
characters who are passionate about preserving them. Each episode sees Arthur using his own vintage plane to make a
series of short “hops” across one region of the UK to give a breathtakingly beautiful gull’s eye view of Britain and explore how airfields have shaped the nation’s history, landscape and a whole way of life. Viewers are with Arthur in the cockpit for this unique aerial perspective and will follow everything from changes in weather to sheep on the runway. Visiting everywhere from tiny airstrips to commercial airports, Arthur uncovers a variety of stories across the series highlighting Britain’s historical military might: he flies in the Second World War’s most famous plane, the Spitfire; he lands on water in a seaplane; undertakes aerobatics and he goes behind the scenes of a US Air Force base in Britain.

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