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Daring experiences in amazing places

After circumnavigating Africa by bicycle and rowing from Africa to America with his wife, Riaan Manser is, without a doubt, one of the most accomplished adventurers of modern times. And now he’s leading some ordinary people on extraordinary adventures of their own, in some of the wildest, most thrilling and beautiful locations in Africa. From hand feeding whale sharks 20 metres below the ocean surface and abseiling down Table Mountain, to roaming through the jungles of Reunion Island and exploring underwater caves in Mauritius, each episode will be packed with tips on how to survive, thrive and live out two never before imagined experiences in dramatically different places. In addition, Riaan will give interesting facts and figures about the places he visits and first-hand information about the difficulty of each tasks and how much they cost to undertake. And we’ll hear from our everyday adventurer and see just how thrilling the experience was. Practical and inspiring, this is the perfect show for people looking for a reason to get off their sofa!

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