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Don't Tell the Bride - Season 12


Can she trust him to organise their wedding?

This may be the age of equality of the sexes, but there is one area of life where the ladies will always take lead – their wedding. Each episode follows a couple through the entire process of organising a wedding, but the twist is that the bride has absolutely no involvement. For better or for worse, she has agreed to hand over all control of the wedding to the groom. She has no idea where she’s getting married, who is turning up or even what she is wearing until the big day itself. The couples are separated for the month leading up to the big day and the groom has to pull off the whole thing in secret. Will the relationship survive the strain? Will the groom succeed in pulling together the perfect wedding? And is his idea of perfection anywhere near hers?

Programme Information

  • Genre: Factual Entertainment

  • Subgenre: Relationships

  • Producers: RENEGADE FILMS

  • Broadcaster: E4

  • Duration: 12 x 45'

  • Tags: Bride Wedding Surprise Groom

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