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Never Ever Do This At Home Norway 6


Ignore everyday warnings – and common sense – at your peril!

Never Ever Do This At Home is back with new stunts and experiments that challenges our hosts to find the answers to burning questions and to do all the things they know they shouldn’t – just to see what will happen! For example, ever wondered how dangerous it is to fall into freezing water when drunk? Torfinn downs a bottle of vodka and is submerged in icy cold waters with thermometers attached to his body. He also does the experiment sober and we can clearly see that the body cools down much more quickly – and dangerously - with alcohol in the system. Torfinn also teaches wife Marte to drive in a car made out of two older vehicles and the pair set out to clean carpets with dynamite, take a baby for a walk with a drone and test how much you can load in a car using a trunk full of set concrete. Their fantastic and crazy experiments end with them trying to get water out of their basement and nearly blowing up their home!

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