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Growing up through the changing seasons

In this fourth series in the Baby Animals strand we take a broad range of totally cute wild baby animals and show how they live their lives through the seasons. Joining them will also be some creatures who are forced to deal with extremes of hot and cold all year-round, in locations as varied as Alaska, Antarctica and Arabia. Different seasons call for different behaviours and adaptations and we explore everything from nest building and winter hibernation to coat shedding for summer and natural sunscreens. We also highlight milestones such as birth, grooming, playing, napping, exploring and learning with mum or dad. Featuring super cute, lingering close-up shots, intermixed with fast-paced action sequences, we see how each baby animal survives the ever changing weather – whether it be spring monsoon rains, hot summer days, or autumn as a precursor to a snowy cold winter.

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