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My Excess Skin Nightmare


Paying the price of dramatic weight loss

For years, TV presenter and actress Lisa Riley (Emmerdale) was seen as the bubbly large girl and didn’t let anything get in her way – even joining the cast of Dancing With The Stars to prove that overweight girls can dance. But after putting herself on a strict diet and exercise regime she succeeded in losing 75 kg in under 18 months. The crash diet has left her with a new lease of life – but also with more than 10kg of excess skin that’s threatening to stop her enjoying it. This shocking and intimate documentary follows Lisa’s journey as she, along with the members of her weight loss club, desperately try to get rid of the last vestiges of their former, overweight selves. We chart the highs and lows of their physical and psychological transformations as they take action to deal with this problem. For Lisa, in order to get the body she has worked so hard to achieve, going under the knife is the only solution and we are with her every step of the way.

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