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Inside the Ambulance- Season 2


Up close and personal with dedicated paramedics

Gripping, insightful and hugely popular, Inside the Ambulance is back for two more series. We’re out on shift again with some familiar friends from series one, and we meet a number of new faces too. Using a mobile rig of 10 cameras, this authentic series gives a unique perspective on what it’s like to respond to emergency calls. Paramedics from the West Midlands Ambulance Service wear body-mounted cameras, taking us right to the heart of the action. As well as revealing everything that happens as they respond to 999 calls, their cameras also capture their candid conversations between call-outs - reflecting on everything from the difficulties of treating patients with dementia, to which superhero they’d like to be. The series is filmed over the course of three months and features 30 paramedics – and a number of big characters. No two days are ever the same and we watch as these wonderful paramedics display levels of skill, resilience, emotion and strength in a job that few people could ever begin to handle.


Series 1- 10 x 60'HD 

Series 2- 10 x 60'HD

Series 3- 10 x 60'HD 

Series 4- 10 x 60'HD

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