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A brilliantly funny look at everyday food

This is a food show with a difference. There’s no posh nosh, superfoods or calorie counting and no celebrity chefs. Instead we have one food-loving man – comedian Nick Helm – on a guilt free gastronomic tour of Britain, purely in pursuit of the delicious. Each episode sees Nick visiting a different location for a 24-hour period and eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and the odd snack. And it’s all simple everyday food cooked and eaten by real people. From Manchester eggs to Welsh rarebit, and from restaurants to kitchen tables, Nick seeks out chefs, joins in with cooking, eats his dishes – sometimes with a special guest - and then gives a rating. We’ll hear about the nutritional content of each meal –and even learn a little of each location’s culinary history. All the meals will be beautifully shot, with slo-mo camera work capturing Nick’s reactions: many of the things he consumes could surprise, entertain and horrify in equal measure. Funny and authentic, this is a wonderful antidote to glossy food shows packed with dishes you’d never make.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Factual Entertainment

  • Subgenre: Lifestyle

  • Producers: North One Television

  • Broadcaster: Dave

  • Duration: 16 x 30'

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