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The Great Village Green Crusade


From village to Vegas in pursuit of renewable energy

This fascinating film follows Red Dwarf comic actor and green energy enthusiast Robert Llewellyn’s year long campaign to persuade residents of his idyllic Cotswolds’ village to generate more of their own power through renewable technology. This presents a challenge. Temple Guiting is a very traditional village, allergic to change, and several families can trace their ancestors back to the Domesday Book! Undaunted, Robert tries to win over his fellow villagers and sets up hands-on experiments and demonstrations of renewable technology in the village hall and takes them to see successful schemes in other parts of the country. Robert meets with engineers and scientists and even travels to Las Vegas, where he meets the mayor who is leading a renewables revolution. Unbelievably, this neon-drenched gambling capital is attempting to power itself entirely by renewable electricity in 2017. Back in the Cotswolds, the village task force identifies a potential solution to create renewable electricity in the heart of their community. Have they finally found a way to overcome the obstacles? Will Robert’s dream become a reality?

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