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Murderers and Their Mothers - Season 2

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Are murders born or made?

Everyone is someone’s child, even murderers and serial killers have mums... This chilling series returns to explore the most fragile and precious of relationships between mother and child. Did the formative years of some of the world’s most notorious murderers turn them into psychopaths? Were their crimes a result of disturbed and abusive childhoods: of unnatural relationships with their mother? Presented by crime journalist and criminologist Donal Macintyre, this brand new series of Murderers and Their Mothers investigates the key moments in a killer’s life that set them on a path of deadly destruction. Amongst the subjects in these compelling new episodes is Peter Sutcliffe, also known as The Yorkshire Ripper - one of the most depraved and infamous killers that Britain has ever known. He grew up a ‘mummy’s boy’ and developed a warped view of women. We also explore the hidden family secret of Thomas Hamilton, who killed 16 children and their teacher, and Michael Ryan, the spoilt loner who committed a deadly massacre and, tellingly, even executed his own mother.


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