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Every Picture Tells A Story


Fascinating new perspectives on familiar works of arts

Art critic Waldemar Januszczak returns with a brand new series that investigates the story behind three internationally famous works of art from past masters. Each episode focuses on one painting, telling stories about the artist at the time of its creation and discovering any hidden meanings. In Cezanne’s Card Players, Waldemar explores both Cezanne’s Provencal roots and his deep religious fervour, attempting to unearth what it is that makes this picture so powerful and intense. From the everyday people Cezanne interacted with, to the collective Provencal reverence to which their patron saint, Mary Magdalene, was treated- all these elements coalesced to create a painting brimming with meaning and emotion. In Gauguin’s The Vision After the Sermon we look at this haunting painting full of symbolism and mystery. Waldemar unveils all in this investigation of Gauguin’s religious epic about good and evil, temptation and desire. Finally, in Van Gogh’s Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear, Waldemar draws out the untold stories hidden in the painting. It is a tale of geishas, brothels, bullfights, love affairs, suffering and a fiery relationship with Gauguin. Investigation of this famous work, emblematic of his time in the south of France, reveals the extent of the artist’s personal demons and the profound effect this had on his work. After watching this compelling series viewers look at these seminal pieces from a whole new perspective.


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