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Should we stay or should we go?

At a time when there are numerous shows focused on dating, this new relationship format offers something completely different. In Rewind Love, the emphasis is on couples aged 25-45 who are almost on the brink of separation. During the course of each show, which in essence is an original and well-meaning social experiment – these fragile relationships are reviewed, tested and explored with expert help, in order for the couple to decide once and for all – should they stay together – or part. Through a series of interviews we get to learn all about each couple and their relationship – including meaningful moments, when they felt strongest and most together and what the current issues may be. We also see the couples together in places that have been important to them: this may be a first home, a maternity hospital, a holiday destination or even the local bar where they met. Each troubled couple then spends a weekend away with a relationship therapist before finally meeting up in the location where they said: “I do”. Here, the show’s host leads the couple to the altar where their wedding rings await. Also at the altar are letters the couple has written to each other, which they read out aloud. The pair are then invited to reveal their decision by keeping their rings, or leaving them and walking away. Emotional and full of relatable moments and advice, Rewind Love is essential viewing for anyone in a relationship.



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  • Genre: Formats

  • Subgenre: Entertainment

  • Producers: Moskito Television

  • Broadcaster: MTV Oy

  • Duration: 0'

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