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The natural world in all its glory

This new series is a wondrous celebration of nature. Breathtaking cinematography will bring viewers up close and personal with a host of animals, and we’ll also visit some of the most spectacular locations on the planet, as well as take a look at the growing junk yard in space. The series starts in the heart of Africa, in the Serengeti, as we prepare to witness one of nature’s most extraordinary occasions – the year-long, 500-mile wildebeest migration. Another episode looks at migrations in more detail, following everything from monarch butterflies, Canada geese and humpback whales on epic journeys to ensure their survival. We then travel to Tahiti to search for the perfect wave. Here we meet World Champion surfer Kelly Slater but also visit the coral reefs and look at the hidden forces of nature that shape both the waves and the islands alike. From pole to pole, we take in both the Arctic and the Antarctic, exploring the breathtaking beauty of these frozen wildernesses and meeting the creatures that call these places home. Journey is an enjoyable and very informative snapshot of our natural world.


Programme Information

  • Genre: Nature and Wildlife

  • Subgenre: Factual


  • Broadcaster: NBC Syndication

  • Duration: 26 x 30'

  • Tags: Travel Nature & Wildlife

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