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Masterpiece - Season 2

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The game show where spotting an object’s value can see you win big

Masterpiece, the truly original and successful antiques-based game show, is back for a second series. Hosted by the genial and perennially popular Alan Titchmarsh, along with antiques expert Rachel Houston-Holland, this fascinating show eschews a traditional studio location and instead sets out for some of the most famous and stunning stately homes across Britain. In each episode, teams comprised of antique and history fans go head to head in a series of challenges in these locations. These might include valuing antiques, or deciphering the age of a collectible and the teams have to deploy all their amateur antique skills to secure their place in the ‘Masterpiece Gallery’. Once they enter the ‘Masterpiece Gallery’, each team must work out which of the three objects on display is the true ‘Masterpiece’, an item so exquisite or rare that it is worth £10,000 or more, and add it to their collection. The team that has successfully collected the most ‘Masterpieces’ during the show wins a cash prize. Masterpiece plays to people’s genuine curiosity as to the value of all kinds of beautiful and unusual things  - from classic cars to film memorabilia and from toys to works of art – and presents viewers with numerous play-along moments, where they can see if they can guess the value of an object before the contestants. With its stunning locations, fascinating objects and involving game show element, Masterpiece is a unique programme and perfect for daytime or early primetime slots.


Programme Information

  • Genre: Factual Entertainment

  • Subgenre: Entertainment

  • Producers: Handsala Limited Spun Gold TV

  • Broadcaster: ITV

  • Duration: 20 x 60'

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