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Baby Animals Around The World

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Baby Animals Around the World

In every country around the world, animals are celebrated. They have been a part of the Earth’s DNA since the beginning of time and contribute to each nation’s identity.

In this third series we follow a vast selection of baby animals and their parents from different habitats around the world, taking us to the freezing cold mountains of the Arctic to the rivers of North America, even to our very own backyards. Using high quality clips and humorous narration Baby Animals: Around The World delivers all the extreme captivating and cute factors in high definition with great production values. It is the ultimate celebration of the animal kingdom through its most loveable critters - the babies! This visually stunning series showcases the unique relationship we have with these adorable baby animals from all around the world.


The Baby Animals Collection:

Baby Animals In The Wild - 10 x 60' or 20 x 30'

Baby Animals In Our World - 10 x 60' or 20 x 30'

Baby Animals Around The World - 10 x 60'

Baby Animals & Friends - 10 x 60'

Programme Information

  • Genre: Nature and Wildlife

  • Subgenre: Factual Entertainment

  • Producers: Wild Bear Entertainment

  • Broadcaster: n/a

  • Duration: 10 x 60'

  • Tags: Baby Baby animals

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