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Ben Earl Trick Artist

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Be prepared to be deceived

Ben Earl is the master of deception. From an early age he developed an extraordinary talent, which combined with his natural charm, mischievousness and unprecedented sleight of hand skills, has allowed him to rise to the top of his profession and conquer the unimaginable. He has devoted his time to learning and fine-tuning the skills behind the art of deception, spending time with pickpockets in New York and fooling casinos around the world. But rather than cross that line he's done good and channels his knowledge of deception – and how to spot it - for many high-profile organisations. Now, he’s featuring in four amazing TV hours, looking at deception connected to crime, art, money and science. In each episode he sets himself a remarkable challenge - to deceive and surprise a group of people with nothing but his extraordinary skill and his ability to mislead. Across the series viewers will be truly in awe as we see him try to catch a speeding bullet, steal a painting from a gallery and set a major work of art on fire. We also see him attempt to outwit a robot, fly backwards through a window, steal £10,000 from a secure vault and jump from a four-storey building. And along the way, we even get a salutary lesson in how easy it is to hack passwords for online banking. Ben is one of TV’s most engaging new talents and his superb skills will keep viewers of all ages glued to the screen.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Factual Entertainment

  • Subgenre: Entertainment

  • Producers: MAGNUM MEDIA

  • Broadcaster: Channel 4 UK

  • Duration: 4 x 60'

  • Tags: Tricks Magic

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