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The past can be a difficult place to visit

Bannan is an intriguing drama series set on the small Scottish island of Camus and follows the life of Mairi MacDonald when she returns home after eight years away. Intense, involving and with complex characters, all set against the backdrop of a wild, brooding landscape, Bannan exposes a way of life that is deeply claustrophobic – despite its big skies and wide open spaces. Mairi left initially to escape this claustrophobia but when she returns for a funeral, her emotional ties (‘bannan’) force her to remain longer than anticipated. Old conflicts are reawakened and feelings long since suppressed rise to the surface. She reconnects with her grandmother Peigi but tries to keep her father, Tormod, firmly in the past. Eventually, the ties prove too much and Mairi settles back on the island with boyfriend Alasdair and new baby Anna. Alasdair struggles with being away from the city and soon puts his relationship in jeopardy with Isebail – a woman who is also threatening the future of the island. Mairi reconnects with her teenage friend Sarah Jane and in doing so, uncovers a sinister secret within the community, which seems to confirm Peigi’s dislike of the MacRaes, the family of Mairi’s ex-boyfriend. Sarah Jane’s secret finally unravels, shattering the lives of everyone around her and tearing the island apart. But darker forces are at play, and in an unexpected and sinister twist, Mairi is brutally attacked in the woods and Camus experiences its first murder.

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