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Living Stone


Tough, tense and sometimes terrifying: the most challenging adventure game show yet

This brand new competitive, adventure reality format sends seven couples into the African wilderness and challenges them to find their way to civilisation in ten stages. It’s an unforgettable but brutal journey through the salt pans and the savannah as they try to stick together and avoid exile and elimination. Along the road they will have to cope with wild animals, exhaustion, troublesome tasks and most of all – each other, making it a physically, mentally and socially intricate game. The couples are completely dependent on one another and even the strongest relationship will inevitably be put to the test under very trying conditions. Because only the couple that sticks together can win Living stone. The contestants have to survive on the bare necessities and every episode, they must navigate their way to their next basic encampment by foot. The couple that loses the elimination challenge immediately gets put up for elimination. The remaining couples decide which individual player joins them in a tense voting round, changing the group dynamics every time. Fate decides which of the three contestants is sent to exile, where they must survive alone to stay in the competition. If a contestant is joined in exile by their lover that couple is eliminated – or if they decide it’s too hard going it alone and leave the expedition, their partner has to follow. At the final stage, the two remaining couples battle it out in a spectacular game to be crowned the winners.


Programme Information

  • Genre: Formats

  • Subgenre: Entertainment

  • Producers: Strix

  • Broadcaster: Insight New Tv Ltd

  • Duration: 10 x 60'

  • Tags: Adventure Animals

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