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The naked truth

This is the untold story about the search for someone to share life, laughter or just a bed with! This is the format that contains real lives you can relate to. In Singles we’re invited to share the lives of six single people. Via their own personal reflections and filmed by themselves on a mobilcam we’ll get to know how they feel, how they think and how they play the single game. From different parts of the country our main characters share their real lives, unfiltered from scripts, suggestions and taglines. It’s their real lives and their real emotions. Every episode is chronologically told, starting at the beginning of day; is it a lie in, the walk of shame or breakfast in bed. From then on we follow them throughout the day, preparing for the evening and what awaits them. What will they wear, who will they meet and what is their goal for the night? The mission for every participant is to give us their point of view – all the time, every time. We’ll become their best friend and top listener – we don’t ask questions and we don’t interrupt. We’ll just let them talk and share their feelings. This is the format where we don’t need a production team or a script. This is raw reality. Six people are looking for someone to spend the night, or the weekend or their life with. And we are invited to join the ride!

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