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Hive Minds - Series 2


Can you find the answer?

Hive Minds is a popular, general knowledge-based quiz format, where knowing the answers isn’t enough you have to find them as well, as all the answers to all the questions
are hidden in a honeycomb hive of letters. Three players battle it out over the course of three fast paced, play-along rounds for the right to go for the Cash prize pot in the winner takes all Clear The Hive end game. Hive Minds is a test of general knowledge and mental agility as players race against the clock to spot correct answers first and the quicker you answer the more points you score. As the time counts down, letters start to disappear, making it easier but fewer points on offer, sometimes the Hive contains red herrings and wrong answers can cost points.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Entertainment

  • Subgenre: Gameshow

  • Producers: Saltbeef TV

  • Broadcaster: BBC 4

  • Duration: 13 x 30'

  • Tags: Gameshow Fiona Bruce

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