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Ireland With Ardal O'Hanlon


Following in Victorian footsteps for an alternative look at the Emerald Isle

Ardal O’Hanlon is the famous Irish comedian and actor who made his name playing Father Dougal in the classic sitcom Father Ted. In this fascinating new travel documentary series, Ardal invites us to explore the country of his birth, but rather than taking us to the main tourist destinations he goes off the beaten track to visit small towns and some of the more idiosyncratic attractions that the Emerald Isle has to offer. In addition to the sites of his beloved homeland, we also get to meet the people who make Ireland so special. To give structure to his trip, Ardal’s relying on a series of very proper Victorian guidebooks, which were written by Mr and Mrs S C Hall in order to tempt the English over to Ireland in the 19th century. So come with Ardal as he leads us over hills, down winding roads and detours from pulpit to pub, rejoicing in the unique festivities and characters he finds along the way. His insider’s knowledge and warmth and wit make this an informative, amusing and hugely watchable series.


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