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Pact- Season 2 (Pakt)

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Some ties are stronger than others

Piotr Grodecki, investigative journalist, discovers a conspiracy reaching highest ranks of political authority. While trying to find out the truth he learns that nothing is what it seems to be. He finds the series of events even more puzzling because he realizes that this time he’s going to deal with much more complicated case than ever before. Piotr discovers a sex scandal in one of the minister’s office and fights to reveal the truth in the weekly where he is working. He not only needs to prove the truth but also protect young victim of the sexual harassment. The action takes place in the world where politics, media and business infiltrate each other slurring the line between true and false. No one is safe in this world and soon Piotr painfully discovers that he will need to choose whether he should seek for the truth or rather protect the woman he loves.


Programme Information

  • Genre: Drama

  • Subgenre: Series

  • Producers: HBO Europe

  • Broadcaster: HBO

  • Duration: 6 x 60'

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