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Too Much Information


An original, hidden camera prank show format for a new generation

TMI is a hidden camera prank show that uses social media to catch out socially active 18- 25 year olds. These 'millennials' publish every intimate detail of their lives online, for the world to see. They don't care if Big Brother is watching- but TMI is. This next generation hidden camera sketch show will use the social media posts of unsuspecting members of the public- to shock, confuse and freak them out- all the while entertaining and informing the audience about the perils of posting “Too Much Information”.

Using a variety set ups- The Psychic, Speed Dating, Vox Pops, The Job Interview, The Focus Group- TMI offers an innovative take on tried and tested sketch show tropes. 


In addition the power of the technology means that a number of new types of sketches are now possible- the instant “autobiographical art show”, I’m a Hollywood A- Lister, My Future Self.

Using a combination methods – sneaky data collection from a pretty pollster, a pop-up sign-up-for-free-coffee stand, and traditional casting & collusion with friends – data will be harvested from a variety of sources. With many of the sketches played out in real time, the action of turning this information into hilarious and heart-stopping pranks adds jeopardy and makes for exciting viewing. 

Played for laughs, stylistically TMI borrows from conspiracy movies- using fast cuts and teams of ‘secret service’ agents in surveillance trucks snooping on potential prey. These teams will be relaying the results of their ‘intelligence’ gathering to our presenter who passes the gags on to our team of pranksters.

TMI is by definition ‘second screen’ and is the brainchild of Stephen Byrne, who as an Irish v-logger and youth presenter intuitively knows what makes digital natives tick. The programme has been commissioned by RTÉ, the Irish national broadcaster with investment from DRG.



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