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If we behave like animals – in the most literal way – will it help us find the perfect partner?

Animal Attraction is a brilliant new competitive dating show that uses a mix of serious science, social experiments and genuine animal instincts to help a serial dater find Mr. Right. Man is a pretty advanced animal, consciously or unconsciously controlled by biology when he’s attracted to someone – but would we be more successful in finding the perfect partner if we relied solely on our animal instincts – and were not side-tracked by what someone wears or how much money they make?

In Animal Attraction one woman who always makes bad choices undertakes a series of tests, based mostly in the natural world, in order to see if one of seven male contestants would be right for her. Each episode has a particular theme – such as smell, sound or communication- and contains two experiments: one grounded in nature- such our woman sniffing each man’s urine, or listening to them roaring in the woods – and one more adapted to human life – such as interpreting body language. Scores are given and the ‘Alpha Male’ in each episode is rewarded with a themed date. After the first three episodes, which also feature facts and footage from the natural world, our men start to get eliminated – sometimes with a ‘sniffoff’ - until we are left with three in the final episode. Here the big question will be if our woman agrees with the biological match that science has chosen – or if she just resorts to the man she desires most.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Formats

  • Subgenre: Relationships

  • Producers: NRK

  • Broadcaster: NRK

  • Duration: 6 x 40'

  • Tags: Animal attraction Science

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