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Heston's Dinner In Space


To boldly go where no chef...has been before

This unique programme follows the adventures of Heston Blumenthal and his team, as they work closely with the UK Space Agency, ESA and NASA, attempting to revolutionise the previously limited world of space food. 

Challenged by the British Astronaut Tim Peake, Heston creates seven dishes that remind Tim of home, helping to combat the emotional impact of his journey. In one of the biggest challenges of his career, Heston goes one step further to create the first ever ‘dinner party in space’. Taking Tim on a nostalgic journey of his childhood with every bite, Heston provides much-needed comfort food and creates the quintessential cup of tea – the first to be sipped in Space. In the meantime, ensuring of course that the nutritional value is not lost, whilst introducing multi-sensory, gravity defying food. 

At the centre of this two-part special will be Heston’s quest to push the boundaries of how we eat, delving into how our bodies react to being in space and how the physics and chemistry of eating can be changed within this environment. The programme follows Heston’s trials and tribulations behind creating meals that can be consumed outside of the Earth’s atmosphere, culminating in an out of this world dining experience where his creations are eaten live on the International Space Station. 

Programme Information

  • Genre: Lifestyle

  • Subgenre: Cookery

  • Producers: Thoroughly Modern Media

  • Broadcaster: Channel 4 UK

  • Duration: 2 x 60'

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