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Meet the owners of the world’s most terrifying pets

In this new documentary, we meet the families whom owning a cat, dog or goldfish simply won’t do. Their lovable pets can easily maim, seriously injure or even kill their owners. So what is the big appeal in keeping a dangerous wild animal within the home? We will meet the eccentric pet owners who share their homes with everything from Komodo Dragons to Iberian Lynxes and treat these animals as members of their own families. 

Never mind having an enclosure in the garden – you are more likely to find these pets sitting at the dining table or lounging in front of the fire next to the family Labrador. But can you ever trust a wild cat to play nice around your children? And can a wolf truly be domesticated? Our contributors certainly seem to think so and they are on a mission to prove that living with a crocodile and cuddling up to a ferocious feline isn’t really that big a deal.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Nature and Wildlife

  • Subgenre: Factual

  • Producers: ITN PRODUCTIONS


  • Duration: 1 x 60'

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