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Could you survive a night in Dracula’s castle?

Even the name is enough to send chills down spines all over the world. Dracula is associated with fear, vampires, spiders, dark castles and bats. And that’s exactly what we will be putting our contestants through in this new and exciting adventure game show. Hold on to your seats, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride! 

Two duos will be trapped in a castle in Transylvania, Romania, by night. The castle is a part of the real history surrounding the original Dracula – Vlad the Impaler. They are locked inside the walls by our charismatic host and have only one task: to find their way out of the castle by finding the key, through mental and physical games. Dracula is a bloodcurdling gameshow about skill, courage and trust. Skill is needed to find the clues to escape the rooms, courage to dare find the clues and trust in yourself and each other. Because that’s what the contestants need. The duos are lovers, brothers and sisters, fathers and sons, best friends, colleagues. 

How will they look at each other, once the frightening night is over?

Programme Information

  • Genre: Formats

  • Subgenre: Gameshow

  • Producers: Strix

  • Broadcaster: Insight New Tv Ltd

  • Duration: 10 x 60'

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