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Baby Animals In Our World

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A day in the life of the extremely cute baby animals that we encounter in our everyday lives.


Animals play such a big role in our lives. We love them so much! In this second series we take a broad range of baby animals and showcase them in our homes, our zoos, our farms, our stations - in our world. We follow them in these familiar environments and highlight their behaviors and milestones including birthing (where appropriate), first hours, feeding, nurturing, grooming, play, napping, romping, exploring and learning with mum and dad. Featuring lingering/close up shots intermixed with fast paced action sequences we see how each baby animal settles into the unique world we live in.
Using high quality clips and humorous narration Baby Animals: In Our World delivers all the extreme cute factors in high definition with great production values. It is the ultimate celebration of the animal kingdom through its most lovable critters - the babies! This visually stunning series showcases the unique relationship we have with these adorable baby animals around the world.
The Baby Animals Collection:

Baby Animals In The Wild - 10 x 60' or 20 x 30'

Baby Animals In Our World - 10 x 60' or 20 x 30'

Baby Animals Around The World - 10 x 60'

Baby Animals & Friends - 10 x 60'


Programme Information

  • Genre: Nature and Wildlife

  • Subgenre: Factual

  • Producers: Wild Bear Entertainment

  • Broadcaster: TBC1

  • Duration: 10 x 60'

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